The Inbounder 2016 – Inbound Marketing Conference in southern Europe – Spain

Do you know where to go for conferences, training or workshops on internet marketing and related fields such as SEO, SEM, and Social Media? Of course, we can find such events in every country, including Poland, but obviously the popularity and level of substantive knowledge to be found at such events can be very different. For anyone even vaguely interested in these topics, it is not hard to guess that the United States and the United Kingdom pretty much have a monopoly on the most valuable conferences that are really worth attending – and I hope I don’t have to explain why. So as not to be too monotonous, though – England, USA, England – I’d like to encourage those interested in modern marketing to take a look at a conference taking place in southern Europe in sunny Valencia, The Inbounder Global Conference. Read more

UX Skills, or a SEO on the “User Expierience” training in Gdansk

Why did I choose UX Skills training dea  ling with SEO?

Let’s not kid ourselves – the last two years were difficult for the Polish SEO companies. They were especially severe for those who do not pay much attention to the generated traffic, quality and conversions, and are billed only for the “position” which the site reached. The filters applied manually by the Search Quality Team and the Penguin and Panda algorithms meant that we had to change the forms of settlement and cooperation with customers and extend our offer with a variety of other actions. Customers now want to pay only for concrete things – the real interaction of audience in a so called conversion. Read more