Search Engine Academy vs Bruce Clay – SEO Training Market in the US

What happened a year ago in the United States in California?

In my posts I refer a lot to the Polish SEO reality compared with the foreign markets. This is not an empty prediction and comparison of some abstract things for me. I decided a long time ago that in order to implement high standards in my company, I need to take example from the best. So I decided to go for a month to California, where I had a chance to look at how it all works there. The training lasted for five days, so about 40 hours, the rest of the time I spent exploring the USA (it was worth it ;-)). It was a year ago. I didn’t have a blog back then and I didn’t write down my observations at the moment. To tell you the truth I didn’t wish to share my knowledge either, because such a trip costs several thousand zlotys. If I had to invest in myself, this knowledge should remain only for me. Today, my attitude has changed a bit and I can catch up with a few things, because there’s a chance. Read more

“Jon Cooper SEO PRO: Creative Link Building” training with Point Blank SEO

What happened on November 21st from 10 am to 6 pm in Dago Centre in Warsaw? Only the most positive thing – another training that I’ve attended. Some time may have passed since the event took place but because of a whole lot of work, I couldn’t write about it earlier. But I couldn’t also let go of this opportunity, so here it is.

The subject again concerned Link Building and its references to content marketing, in particular specific ways for creative strategies of building link databases. What distinguished this training? The speaker – Jon Cooper. Read more

Link Building in Czech – with Julie Joyce of

Today post will be devoted to (how so!) another training which I had the opportunity to participate in. Since I had once decided to use others’ knowledge, I’m going to continue doing it. The more that if you have a good look around and get oriented, you’ll see there are many chances to do it. Read more

Advanced Link Building training in the UK – at Branded3

Since the introduction of the new Google algorithms, especially Penguin 2.1, the industry of people involved in SEO has boiled. Devastation caused by this change can’t be compared with anything else. Two last years were the time which you recall with a headache and bad words on your lips – manual Google penalties for external links plunged many companies – we also felt the threat, but we are still here, we live on and develop further. And precisely for this reason the time came to check new opportunities. The Link Building training held in Brighton on September 12, 2014 was supposed to ensure them. Read more