There are some things you absolutely need an SEO expert to do if you wnat them done properly–after all, SEO is really half-science, half art. But there are also plenty of things you can do yourself, all you need is some proper SEO training.
Our London-based SEO company offers search engine training in London as well as SEO training in the UK, and SEO training all over the world, including SEO training in Europe, SEO training in the U.S., and search engine training in Australia. Our search engine training workshops are comprejensive, telling you all you need to know about how to keep your website in good shape and Google’s good graces, and our SEO training fees are among the lowest on the market. Plus, we provide all of our training materials in PDF so you can come back to them in the future.
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SEO DONE RIGHT- review Bartosz Góralewicz training


How to implement campaigns for marketing in Google – everyone (or almost everyone) who works in the SEO industry is looking fo a ready-made recipe for this. The Wroclaw SEO DONE RIGHT training organized on 10th July by Elephate was an opportunity to learn the answer to this question.

The price (quite high by Polish standards) was perhaps not an encouraging factor but the desire to learn effective strategies enabling to gain better visibility and “monstrous conversions”, as well as the promise of being provided with specifics only has done its job. Read more

Searchmetrics Academy during Searchmetrics Visibility_14 in London

Searchmetrics is a leading company that offers effective and practical SEO solutions supporting marketing activities on the Internet. An extensive range of possibilities, clear design and easy intuitive service – these are the advantages which appear as “a plus”. Among Searchmetrics solutions the most primarily known is Essentials – the cheapest tool – so it’s very basic, limited mainly to the SEO, PPC, social media modules, information about feedback links but also containing a huge keywords database. A much better solution is Searchmetrics Suite – a more advanced and developed option than Essentials. Besides the modules typical for the lower version, it offers more functionality, including taking into account all locations (Essentials consider only 3 of the 20 available locations), the analysis of subdomains, historical data (eg. keyword rankings), a comprehensive competition analysis and immediate access to all necessary data. Although the Starter Edition gives you access to only one user account, the more complex Suite versions (eg. Business) give you the possibility to create at least 10 users and create at least 5 individual projects. It’s a really accurate and advanced SEO Solution for entrepreneurs. Read more