The rules of SEO are ever-changing, so you may be wondering how we here at Search Engine Angels keep up to date with everything that goes on. The answer is simple, we never stop learning.
We attend every SEO conference we can, no matter the distance, to learn as much about how SEO is developing in different parts of the world as we can. We’ve been to local SEO conferences and international SEO conferences, and even blackhat SEO conferences and SEO alternatives conferences. It’s hard to say which one was the best SEO conference, because we’ve been to so many, but every single one has taught us fascinating things and introduced us to innovative people . We’ve attended the Brighton SEO conference in 2014 and 2015, the Google SEO conference in 2015, the MOZ SEO conference (MozCon), SMX Search Marketing Expo, Marketing Festival, and Pubcon, as well as countless other SEO conferences in Europe and Australia, including local SEO conferences, and even an SEO conference in Iceland!
Keeping up with all of the latest SEO trends is extremely important to us, and we’d be glad to share our knowledge with you, so get in touch!

The Inbounder 2016 – Inbound Marketing Conference in southern Europe – Spain

Do you know where to go for conferences, training or workshops on internet marketing and related fields such as SEO, SEM, and Social Media? Of course, we can find such events in every country, including Poland, but obviously the popularity and level of substantive knowledge to be found at such events can be very different. For anyone even vaguely interested in these topics, it is not hard to guess that the United States and the United Kingdom pretty much have a monopoly on the most valuable conferences that are really worth attending – and I hope I don’t have to explain why. So as not to be too monotonous, though – England, USA, England – I’d like to encourage those interested in modern marketing to take a look at a conference taking place in southern Europe in sunny Valencia, The Inbounder Global Conference. Read more