Searchmetrics Academy during Searchmetrics Visibility_14 in London

Searchmetrics is a leading company that offers effective and practical SEO solutions supporting marketing activities on the Internet. An extensive range of possibilities, clear design and easy intuitive service – these are the advantages which appear as “a plus”. Among Searchmetrics solutions the most primarily known is Essentials – the cheapest tool – so it’s very basic, limited mainly to the SEO, PPC, social media modules, information about feedback links but also containing a huge keywords database. A much better solution is Searchmetrics Suite – a more advanced and developed option than Essentials. Besides the modules typical for the lower version, it offers more functionality, including taking into account all locations (Essentials consider only 3 of the 20 available locations), the analysis of subdomains, historical data (eg. keyword rankings), a comprehensive competition analysis and immediate access to all necessary data. Although the Starter Edition gives you access to only one user account, the more complex Suite versions (eg. Business) give you the possibility to create at least 10 users and create at least 5 individual projects. It’s a really accurate and advanced SEO Solution for entrepreneurs.

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Why do I mention this? Well – On 4th June there was the Searchmetrics Visibility_14 training in London – important from the point of view of people involved in SEO and Internet marketing. The training was fairly intimate – the number of participants was limited. I and Bartek Góralewicz ( luckily got to it.

My decision to participate in the training was made quite spontaneously – and at 1:00 in the morning. We talked about the trip only by chance (on a Facebook group). 15 minutes was enough to make a decision and book one of the last free (as it turned out) places for this event. Participation in this event was special, because it was a combination of a training with possibility to gain Searchmetrics Certified Professional certificate. Such events should actually not to be missed, so I had to be there.


Searchmetrics Adad – Certification Program

Searchmetrics Visibility_14 was held in the London Soho hotel. It all lasted roughly from 1:30 pm to 6 pm. The training was divided into a lecture and examination part. At the same time there was a conference during which the experts invited talked about their successful strategies and using Searchmetrics in marketing actions – you could receive a lot of interesting tips to use in practice. I regret that I couldn’t participate, because I was focused primarily on the training on Searchmetrics platform. Training was held for several hours and then there was the exam consisting of 80 questions. It gave the opportunity to obtain Searchmetrics Certified Professional. This is a three-level certification which enables receiving first a Yellow Belt, then a Green Belt and finally a Black Belt.


Yellow Belt is the certificate confirming possession of basic knowledge about functioning of the Searchmetrics Enterprise SEO platform (eg. tool construction, used terminology)
Green Belt is the certificate which confirms being an expert in the field of Searchmetrics tool. It proves expanded knowledge of the platform functioning. It’s something for people who want to explore the secrets of SEO even further.

Black Belt confirms advanced knowledge in the field of Searchmetrics tool operation and overall knowledge related to strategic SEO. Training and examination covering Black Belt have not yet organized – this is done exclusively through earlier applications.
Possession of such certificates is a kind of honor and confirmation of your knowledge of the functioning of the Searchmetrics platform and comprehensive knowledge of SEO. The training in London gave me the opportunity to take part in the first two stages. We managed to pass the exam, so that together with Bartek we became the only ones in Poland who have such certificates.


The biggest Searchmetrics advantages according to me are:

  • integration of Google Webmasters Tools software with Google Analytics – this can “reveal” phrases that are hidden in the “not provided” a little,
  • the ability to give positions in different countries and cities on three platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet),
  • the possibility of adding long tail phrases to monitor them,
  • a different way of calculating efficiency and CTR – and because of different results (ads, maps, Google shops, photos),
  • examination of subpage content vs ranking phrase (title, description, heading, content),

Thanks to Searchmetrics, SEO analysis is certainly a lot more efficient and accessible. The analysis is faciliated by charts, diagrams, etc. which increase data readability. The tool allows keyword monitoring, assessing links (majestic, ahrefs, ose) and comparing many domains. The solution in the form of Suite version is really a very useful tool. It is a pity that not everyone can afford to buy access – Polish wages are in PLN and the Searchmetrics Suite in euro (from 349 € / month)
In total, there were 20 people from around the world on the training – both from small private companies and large corporations (eg. next to me there was a guy doing SEO from Disney).

After the training a short after party in Soho hotel was held. During both the training and the after-training meeting I met a lot of people from the Searchmetrics team.

Searchmetrics Visibility_14 turned out to be a very interesting event. The more that I managed to get the Yellow and Green Belt certifications. Now it’s time for Black


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