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I have been interested in Internet marketing for over 10 years, and I have been actively participating in it for over 8. If you are looking for a person who will introduce you to the secrets of the industry professionally and help you improve your business – check out what I can offer you.

I have been working with various clients for years – from small businesses to multinational corporations, such as L’Oreal, Vichy, Garnier, Maybelline and La Roche-Posay, providing them with a full range of SEO and Content Marketing services. I am also the head of the SEO department in one of the largest media houses in Poland, where we work with clients from all over the world, mainly banks and large corporations. So as you can see, I have experience in both SEO and CM for various industries. I never stop learning and I never miss any opportunity that allows me to develop my skills. That’s why I take an active part in many major SEO conferences and trainings worldwide (i.e. SMX, SMX Advanced, BrightonSEO, TheInbounder, Search Marketing Summit). I have attended courses and lectures in the United States, Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Australia, which has helps me stay on top of all the newest news and adapt the solutions and strategies I create for my clients accordingly – and I can do the same for you. You can about this topic in greater detail on my blog.

Darek i Rand

I don’t believe in keeping knowledge for myself. On my blog, I try to keep the my readers up to date with all the newest global trends in the world of SEO as well as give them advice on how to build their visibility in Google. I also organize trainings and workshops for those who are interested. I can help you with issues such as:

    1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
      Your blog or company website must be coherent and easily accessible – not just to users, but to Google (and other) bots as well. I can help you by optimizing your site and its content, which will allow your brand content to spread across the internet more efficiently.
    2. SEO consultingSEO consulting is something I recommend to people who have a general idea about website optimization, but need clear and straightforward instructions on how to implement their ideas without their ranking suffering. It is also a solution for those of you who need general support with the positioning of the page or assistance in specific areas of SEO. Need help choosing keywords or developing a good SEO strategy? Do you feel your local SEO knowledge is insufficient? Do you want to rebuild your content without damaging your website’s position? Contact me and I’ll help you through all the issues that causing you problems.
    3. Internet analytics
      Every website needs to be taken care care of – that’s what analytical tools and people like me are for, so facts and data can be effectively translated into concrete actions. By analyzing website traffic, we can determine the types and preferences of your clients, as well as verify the quality of the content that you post. In addition, you will get detailed information on how many people visit your site and what interests them the most.
    4. Link building strategies
      SEO is not easy – it is made up of many equally important elements, such as Link Building. I’ll help you get natural links from complete strangers, which will be fully compliant with the latest Google policy updates. A properly chosen link strategy will allow you to dramatically increase the visibility of your website on the internet…and in the minds of users.
    5. Content marketing
      Content Marketing is not just words – it’s also videos, photos, infographics and podcasts. The trick is to match the type of content to the target group and Google’s requirements simultaneously. My continually expanded knowledge will help me help you optimize, remodel or create entirely new content corresponding to the current standards – content that is clear and effective, which is half the success of any website.
    6. Filters and Google penalties
      One of the causes of a website’s reduced visibility are filters and penalties for non-compliance with Google good practice and guidelines. I have extensive experience in analyzing the reasons a penalty being imposed (Penguin & Panda and operation manual), and also many documented examples liftng the imposed filters and improving the page to prevent such situations in the future. I can help your website, too!
    7. Training for companies in the field of SEM/SEO
      If you need a thorough explanation of the principles of the SEO or SEM – or how e-marketing works – I can organize a training for you or your employees. It can even take place over Skype or Google Hangout if that’s more convenient for you. Afterwards, you will be capable of doing a lot of things in the field of optimization and positioning on your own. Choosing my training services, you are guaranteed access to all the latest global trends and best practices that will prepare your business to deal with the continuous changes on the Internet.

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