Head of SEO : Value Media /SaleTube
01.2016 – now

  • Develop projects and components from scratch to test new ideas, methods, theories and estimated sales impact.
  • Develop and implement strategic action plans to accelerate the achievement of long and short-term SEO objectives.
  • Run strong link building strategies/campaigns on an on-going basis
  • Research and strategic planning for natural search campaigns.
  • Recommend and build business cases to support IT projects to drive incremental revenue, across all devices & platforms.
  • Work with development teams on new and ongoing updates to insure best practices are used to enhance natural search
  • Remain up to speed with search engine updates/trends and updates as the industry changes
  • Educate team members in merchandising, creative and content to insure best search engine optimization (SEO) outcome and customer experience
  • Build engaging content and assists with content implementation by utilizing knowledge of search engines and algorithms
  • Driving organic traffic growth for a number of brands within the group
  • SEO strategy
  • Ensuring websites are technically water-tight and visibility and authority are maintained at all times
  • Develop and deliver the SEO strategy to increase search engine visibility and drive organic search traffic and revenue for the brand across all platforms
  • Define, prioritise and execute key SEO initiatives, including keyword analysis, content development, technical audits, link-building, internal linking efficiency and competitor analysis.
  • Build website authority to deliver long term improvements of organic channel.
  • Work with the PR and Marketing teams to develop, influence and support the creation and delivery of exceptional, link-worthy content marketing and social initiatives.
  • Work closely with each department to ensure all product features are consistent with SEO strategy.
  • Work with the Marketing & Sales Managers to prioritise and manage the development roadmap to ensureSEO initiatives are being delivered.


Senior Seo Specialist : K2 Search Sp. z o.o.

01.2015 – 02.2016

  • Assists in the development of online media strategies that align with business objectives
  • Manages the day-to-day communications with our online media agency and agency teams
  • Manages the tracking, reporting and analysis of online media programs and monitors campaigns for success or recommends adjustments
  • Collaborates with the creative, communications, social media and SEO/web development teams as needed
  • Researches and reports on trends in digital media and technology as applicable to LSI’s business
  • Works with agency to develop testing plans for digital media including, but not limited to, landing page optimization, creative messaging and ad copy, call-to-actions, imagery, placements, etc.
  • Assists in the development of quarterly media plans with internal team and external partners
  • Collaborates with internal and external partners to optimize all digital media programs on an ongoing basis for maximum results
  • Works on any other projects where digital media needs to play a role
  • Knowledge of digital media best practices, campaign management, creative development, project management, reporting and analysis with excellent communications skills


Head of Seo : Clear Sense

01.2011 -0.4.2014

  • Managing co-operation between the following departments: SEO Copywriting, Link Building, Search Engine
  • Optimization, WOMM for purposes connected with SEO
  • Implementation of new technologies and SEO solutions
  • Implementation of own dedicated SEO solutions for automation of website positioning processes
  • Working with White Hat SEO tools
  • Conducting product trainings for the sales and training departments
  • Carrying out search engine optimization for Google, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing
  • Optimizing source codes of websites with regards to the requirements of internet browsers
  • Developing resources for the purpose of carrying out SEO for the firm’s clients
  • Carrying out SEO on large websites and their optimization
  • Consulting in the field of SEO/SEM


Seo Manager : Busines Sense

01.2010 – 12.2010

  • Managing organization of the SEO department
  • Conducting product trainings for the sales department
  • Carrying out Google search engine optimization for the clients
  • Optimizing websites


Specjalista e-commerce : Karcher Aks

01.2008 – 01.2010

  • Carrying out SEO on the firm’s website
  • Organizing web traffic on the firm’s website
  • Carrying out SEO on the shop’s website, as well as on the firm’s website
  • Managing an on-line shop and other on-line sales channels