Content Marketing training with Erica McGillivary of MOZ – BrightonSeo

SEO conference in England – BrightonSEO

If at 9 am in the morning I see a huge crowd of people pushing to the front door of the great concert building in the south of England, what could this mean?
Exactly – another SEO conference in Brighton is starting and again I decided not to miss this opportunity and take advantage of a full day of interesting lectures and – this is obvious – of some interesting training. This time it was the “Content Marketing Training Course“, because as we all know content is king. I’m already after the training and after the conference and I will report it in my good old-fashioned way, especially for those who could not reach.


BrightonSEO – what it is and why it turns me on

As a short reminder I will introduce the conference to people who don’t know it yet. BrightonSEO is a cyclical event which takes place twice a year and shows the latest trends in Internet marketing and changes within search engines, especially Google. Specialists of the largest interactive and marketing agencies share their knowledge, ideas and experiences to make better strategies for all areas of SEO. The conference is free but getting the free ticket for it is like a miracle – they’re gone in a few minutes. The day before the official presentations, so April 9 this year (2015), they give various courses and trainings in the most important and interesting areas of SEO, for example Content Marketing, which I attended. Last year I decided on the training “Advanced Link Building and Effective Outreach Training Course“. If anyone wants to know what I think about it and what it gave me, you can read about it in this post:

Everything takes place in the south of England in the seaside resort. You could say that it is a pleasant setting if not for the fact that most of the time we spend in a great concert building where the courses, and the next day the whole conference are held. You can only really see how popular BrightonSEO is during the conference. Crowds, crowds, crowds – so much I have to say.

During the last BrightonSEO in September I focused on Link Building, so now a little bit more about Content Marketing for a change. Eric McGillivary of MOZ, the leader of the course, wrote in her training description that content creation is very difficult but fitting it to the budget, market needs and customer expectations – is even more difficult. Not to mention effective sales – because this is the hardest. Of course I agree with that, because poor quality content affects the results directly. But on the other hand, placing it on appropriate sites is a very important, if not the key issue.


Back to the beginnings – if Poland still lacks a greater number of valuable thematic sites to place articles, content etc. (although Whitepress is doing a great job) we have to go back to the basics until it develops. This means more or less that any content released must be awesome – simply the best of the best. It depends on the copywriter, so we have to invest only in those good ones ? Let the people planning content marketing strategies remember one thing: no person dedicated to content creation is able to rock in all possible topics. If they write about roofs, screws, and cars, and soon after that articles for the target groups in the field of health and beauty, and so on in turns – it won’t result in a good quality. Specialty in several areas is ok but they should be somehow related. As the saying goes – Jack of all trades, master of none.


So before we invest in suitable copywriters, we have to figure out what we want to achieve and how to build a whole Content Marketing strategy. Writing for writing, following the rule content is king behind which there is nothing, is a total nonsense. That’s what the training conducted by Senior Community Manager – Erica McGillivary of MOZ was about. There are many trainings about Content Marketing and I have participated in at least a few. But MOZ is the highest grade – one of the most famous companies connected with Internet Marketing, whose products and activities probably need no introduction… I must admit that the fact that the coach was a person from structures of this particular company, convinced me to this course. Quite a nice woman she was and straight to the point.

She focused on things such as:

  • What does a good strategy look like?
  • How to sell your idea to the customers?
  • Who should be involved in the entire project?
  • How to improve production processes of content?
  • How to improve the quality of what we create?
  • How do I get the text some audience?
  • What statistics and data are important when analyzing content marketing results?
  • It’s a shortcut of what happened during 6 hours of training. Here is a small summary of what I liked the most:
    with the following slides, each participant had some task to do – it was impossible to get bored and sit just like that to later say that they’ve taken part in the course;
  • we got worksheets during the training, which we worked on;
  • identifying the target group (tool presentation) was interesting;
  • training was conducted on the example of content marketing activities of;
  • the trainer sent us some interesting Content Marketing mentors to follow;
  • I liked how they presented impact of tone expression, colors and the whole creation of CM strategies;
  • a broad description of “Every 5 hours of auditing saves 20 hours work” content audit – Kristina Halvorson
  • full transparency in explaining actions which are taken, no empty words.



BrigtonSEO is a great conference and the trainings prepared are its very good complement. I’ll be glad to come back here again and then probably attend some other course, depending on what they propose. This trip was pretty good – some of the information I will certainly use in my work, some of it I’ll improve, a lot I’ll leave without changes but in general, technically and substantively I evaluate “Content Marketing Training Course” positively – a big plus. I am glad that I could take part in it. The same rating I give to the conference itself, of course. And to the whole climate that was exceptionally good for me. And to a few other things, which I will not mention.

Or not, I will surprise you with one thing which I left for the end. The training lasted 6 h and the word SEO was used… Who guesses? Up to 1-2 times. Before someone asks why, I will answer myself. Because in the United States and England Content Marketing is not just Link Building but also writing content addressed to appropriate user groups, their needs and interests – that was the main idea of the whole meeting with a MOZ representative.


So, in accordance with my beliefs I once again repeat that in order to keep up with trends in SEO and make the best strategies for clients (not losing yourself in the process) you have to invest a little in yourself – that’s why I went on my next trip to England. As a chief “training ambassador” I assure you – it’s worth going to Brighton during the next edition of the conference and take advantage of the courses offered the day before. But, but – let’s not rest on our laurels. One conference and one training don’t make us experts. Two neither, but you know what I’m saying ? Anyway, I’m going to continue to deepen my knowledge and this time what will help me in this (hopefully) is SMX conference in London in May 2015. In addition there is the CM training which I will describe when I find some free time – certainly you will know about it soon. Until then you can read a bit about the event on this page:

So I will meet the interested next month on my blog, and the eager for knowledge and stories from BrightonSEO 2015 can write in the comments below the article. We will meet and I’ll tell a few stories that did not fit into the framework of this post or weren’t suitable ?

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  1. Michał Barczyk
    Michał Barczyk says:

    Good summary. In this year I participated only in the video form BrigtonSEO. I think, that in next year I must visit this place. High-quality, practical information.


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